The franchisee will be able to gain the professional support of jiale in market operation, promotion, technology, management and training. Each franchisee will receive adequate support and guidance through resource sharing. At the same time, the team with abundant marketing experience and market operation ability will formulate marketing strategies for the market based on the different situation of the region, so as to assist franchisee to obtain the returns as soon as possible.

Terms of joining:

A. A company with an independent legal person qualification or a senior practitioner in this industry.
B. Identify with the culture of the company and follow the market rules in terms of brand building and long-term cooperation.
C. With certain economic strength and good professional ethics, practical and trustworthy.
D. Have certain network and social resources.
E. Identify with the good management system and be able to receive training and guidance.
F. abide by the contract of both parties and strictly enforce the quality standard of jiale service.
G. Establish a special marketing and promotion organization with specialized marketing personnel and technical personnel.
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